Oct 102013
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Strokes Ahead

On Sunday 15 September, 21 Senior School students attended Swim Trials at the Isa Town pool. They completed a 300m warm up, after which they performed timed races over 50m in Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. They then finished with 25m Butterfly. All the students swam well, but the expectations were high and the coaches were looking for good technique, a knowledge of stroke laws, and elements of stamina and speed. The following students were successful and have now gained a place in St Christopher’s Swim Squad.

They are:

Roma Vrijhof 7A Meagan Whalen 9D
Maya Wilde 7D Arnau Elias 9F
Joseph Anhom 7H Jessica Sutton 10D
Basil Manna 7H Marya Manna 10E
  Lauren Wilde 10E