Oct 102013
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Forewarned is Forearmed

Year 8 and 9 Curriculum Evening

The focus of this evening was to inform parents about the experiences their son or daughter will have during the course of either Year 8 or Year 9. The event was opened by Nick Wilson, Head of Senior School who welcomed the parents and stressed the importance of the two years as a way of consolidating learning and generating a sound platform on which to build their learning for the future. The evening progressed with Hilary Rowark, Assistant Head of Senior School informing the audience about the way in which St Christopher’s endeavours to provide an experience for the broader development of the student through the concepts of the Global Citizen, the Competent Individual and the Autonomous Learner. Her presentation finished with a brief summary of the structure of the curriculum and key dates for parents to be aware of.

Bryon Pearce, Assistant Head of Senior School, then presented parents with an overview of the work currently being undertaken as a result of the Learning2Learn initiative. This initiative develops a range of transferable skills to aid learning. To emphasise this, parents were entertained by a short video “Shift Happens” which looks to the future and the challenges our students may meet in the years to come. Mr Pearce then went on to inform parents about work currently being undertaken in the classroom with regard to pioneering research by John Hattie. Two aspects of John Hattie’s research now being implemented in all St Christopher’s classrooms are the Student Voice and a teaching method known as Distributed Practice.  The evening concluded with closing remarks from Mr Wilson.

Year 10 Curriculum Evening

An audience of nearly 200 parents and students attended the Year 10 Curriculum Information Evening on Sunday 15 September in the School Hall, Isa Town. The evening, presented by Assistant Head of Senior School, Bryon Pearce,  and Head of Year 10 Kathryn Beck, focussed on some of the significant curriculum changes affecting the current Year 10. Pastoral care and support, information regarding the wealth of leadership opportunities available to our students as well as details of some important educational initiatives that the school are currently pursuing. In his closing remarks, Nick Wilson, Head of Senior School, celebrated the recent outstanding achievements of the student body.

For those unable to attend the meeting, a copy of the information presented on the evening is available on Parent Portal.