Oct 102013
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St Christopher’s takes an active role annually during Peace Day. The students and staff are encouraged to share their enthusiasm and creativity throughout the week. This year, the Peace Week was held from 15 – 19 September. In order to celebrate this occasion, and to raise student awareness of the significance of the day, a range of creative fun activities were organised.

Peace Logo design and Peace Poem competitions were held. This year the winning design was created by Amr Tolba in Year 11. The design was printed onto a plain white t-shirt, symbolising the colour of peace. These shirts were then worn by all of the Year 11 students in order to promote peace and unity throughout the school. Poems were read out in registration by their different authors. Each poem was unique and focused on an aspect of peace. The poetry competition’s winner this year was Maarya Khan in Year 7. Also, during the course of the week, white peace ribbons were worn by all to help spread the awareness of the day.

On the day, all the Year 11 students gathered to form the word “Asalam” meaning “peace” in Arabic, which also served to raise the profile of our Bahraini heritage. The annual volleyball match was a fun event with students playing against the teachers, allowing teachers and students a further opportunity to interact and work as a team outside of the classroom. This year, the match was drawn, which was a perfect result for a peaceful game.

We also organized a Cloth Patchwork project, through which students from Years 7 -13 worked together to create different designs to form art displays around the school. A number of students and staff volunteered and helped to make this event a successful one. The displays and the fun memories of the week will always remind students, parents, staff and visitors to spread the word of peace.

~ Rea Karani; Meeraal Zaheer; Narmada Venkateswaran

The winning poem:

Maarya Khan with Nick Wilson


The World is round, the world is wide

But what about the peeps inside?

In some places peace is there

But peace is needed everywhere

Cutting down trees causes pollution

Replanting and limiting is our solution

People of all colours and races we find

Therefore we must be gentle , caring and kind

If we really want to stop hate

We need to make people around us feel great

And when your soul begins to glow

You will feel peaceful and mellow

~ By Maarya Khan (Year 7)