Jan 082014
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Bringing Joy for the Winter to Less Privileged Children

Ioanna Ali and Sarah Alqamish, Year 13,  were presented with a wintry challenge of making the holiday season extra special. They chose to devote this winter holiday for the well-being of others, particularly orphaned children under the responsibility of Al Kawther Society for Social Welfare. Their aim was simple, to collect as many toys as possible, with the aid of Year 11, in order to deliver them to around 50 orphans. After a few successful weeks of accumulation, several presentations and masses of effort on behalf of both the girls and the Year 11 students, everything began to finalise. A group of Year 11 volunteers including Suad Eljawhari, Rebecca Dench, Razan Engineer, Latifa Al Bin Ali, Lahan Sperinck, Zain Al Sharaf, Naba Chowdhury, Yomna Zeyada, Waheeba Al Salah, Yasmeen Jassim, Fatima Al Yousif and Anthony Forrest De Souza offered to help in sorting, categorizing and delivering the toys. Nothing can quite describe the warm, bubbly feeling that spreads from your heart to the corners of your toes as you make someone smile as handed over the presents to these most deserving of children. By taking the tiniest bit of time out of your schedules, and picking up a couple of friends, you can easily find a place where volunteering is welcomed, and more than that, appreciated. That’s the message that the kids taught us as we walked out, with the sound of laughter still ringing in our ears. While a toy can be lost, something carried in the heart remains there forever. ~ Suad Eljawhari