Jan 082014
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What Big Eyes you Have …

On the last day of term, a brave and enthusiastic group of staff performed St Christopher’s second  Staff Panto as a finale to the whole school assembly in the Sports Hall. The tree-disguised narrators told the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, which was well received by the student audience who enthusiastically cheered and booed in the correct places, encouraged, as is tradition, by the not too subtle sign holders. Staff were transformed into flowers and woodland animals to create the backdrop for the arrival of the evil and voracious Wolf played by Mr Tom Shorrock who was cunningly outwitted by the guile of Little Red Riding Hood played by Mrs Harper. The frenetic dance routine and the dramatic slow-motion action scenes added to the colour of this re-told classic tale. The show was transformed by the magical costumes devised by our resident couturier Jan Wheeler whose hard work in these endeavours is always greatly appreciated.