Jan 082014
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Dribble, Kick, Score!


On Wednesday 4 December we hosted a football competition for boys, consisting of 12 teams from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We entered 1 team from our development squad and 1 team from our football squad. The atmosphere was electric and we are pleased to report that one of our teams won the competition, without losing a game! What a great experience for all of the boys involved in this competition!

Khalid Husain – “It was so much fun!”

Fin Matthews – “It was great to play against so many difficult teams”

Joel Watts – “The organization was excellent”


The following day on Thursday 4 December we hosted the girls’ competition, which had 6 teams taking part. We witnessed some great footballing skills and were very proud our girls’ attitude and commitment. One girl in particular was outstanding with great shooting skills and awesome dribbling. Her name is Chloe Maxwell and she is certainly one to watch for the future!

Jesse-Leigh Baker – “It was a great competition and everybody played really well”

Chloe Maxwell – “It was really, really fun”

Amna Al Matrook – “I had so much fun