Jan 082014
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Faster, Higher, Further

Year 3

You could sense the anticipation in the air for the Year 3 pupils’ first Sports Day in the Junior School! However all nerves vanished as soon as the first whistle blew for the start of the day. Jack Yates said, “I loved it, as we got to do lots of different activities”

The children performed well and were so enthusiastic and excited about the day. Mr Holness was pleased to say that he witnessed some great sportsmanship and said, “I was amazed by the effort and attitude of all the Year 3 students”.

The placing’s were:

1st Osprey 3048
2nd Falcon 2865
3rd Merlin 2701
4th Kestrel 2460

Year 4

The Year 4 pupils were keen to build on their experiences from last year and were looking forward to their last Sports Day in the current format. As next year they will be competing against each other in individual events. Mr Holness was amazed with some of the running, jumping and throwing from these students and said, “Every pupil was brilliant”.  Again, the attitude and commitment from all teams was outstanding. Alex Kingston described the day as, “Fun, awesome and tiring”

The placing’s were:

1st Kestrel 1226
2nd Osprey 1184
3rd Falcon 1173
4th Merlin 1095


Year 5 and 6

After having to wait an extra week because of the rain the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were ‘bursting at the seams’ to run faster, jump higher and throw further than ever before.

An action packed day saw a number of long standing records being smashed, which were:

Y6 BOYS 200m 29.29 Callum Dawson
Y5 GIRLS 55m 8.92 Sulaf Al Jabal
Y6 BOYS 55m 7.87 Faaris Fayaaz
Y5 GIRLS 100m 15.52 Coco DeSouza
Y6 GIRLS 100m 15.52 Karmena Moriarty
Y6 BOYS 100m 13.89 Callum Dawson
Y5 BOYS RELAY 56.53 Falcon
Y6 BOYS RELAY 53.02 Kestrel
Y6 GIRLS SHOT 7.35m Victoria Harper

Harry Winning “It was very well organized and a great experience”
Sanjana Srinivasan “It was very exciting”
Daisy Gunther Bushell “Best sports day ever”
Suni Stephenson “I liked all over the sportsmanship I witnessed”
Mr Holness “The students were a real credit to themselves in all aspects of the day”

After the medals were presented to all of the first placed athletes the final score was announced:

1st Falcon
2nd Kestrel
3rd  Osprey
4th Merlin

2nd and 3rd place athletes will receive their certificates in the next assembly.