Jan 082014
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Ibtissam Foundation – Fighting for Human Rights

Anton Charles, Year 12, reports that trade in goods and money has long been part of humanity’s  survival. Perhaps rather shockingly and unknown to many, trading in human lives is also a big business. It was my honour and privilege to be part of a team who wanted to raise public awareness of this inhumane activity. Hopefully, we can help bring this horrible practice to an end. The reason for human trafficking is most commonly for the purpose of exploitation and forced labour. With the solicitation of the founder, Miss Madawi Al Saud, a Saudi Princess and with the wholehearted help of my school friends and staff, we were able to create an awareness campaign at the Bahrain International Circuit over two weekends in November. We raised a considerable sum of money through the direct selling of T-shirts. All funds raised will be forwarded to the Foundation. The campaign attracted people from various walks of life. At the end of the day, we distributed questionnaire leaflets which had relevance to human trafficking and found that almost 60% of the participants were unaware of this shocking practice that affects men, women and children across the globe.