Jan 082014
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Model United Nations in St Chris

Sanjana Sarkar, Year 12, reports that students were heavily involved in preparing for and participating in Model United Nations Conferences throughout the Autumn Term. The first MUN of this academic year was our very own CHRISMUN in September. The Conference was a success not only for the exceptional student leadership of the event but also for our Delegates. The Conference saw more than thirty five first-time Delegates venture beyond their comfort zone to speak in front of a mass audience. The BAYMUN Conference took place in November and was hosted by the Bahrain Bayan School. Despite being the smallest delegation, ten out of our thirteen St Chris Delegates received Awards including Best Delegate, Most Diplomatic, Most Likely to End Up in the UN and Best Position Paper.

Relative to our size, BAYMUN proved to be one of the most successful conferences for St Chris. Seven St Chris students assumed the responsibility of Chairs and Basel Al Sharaf was appointed to the prestigious role of Secretary General, the third year running that the Secretary General has been a St Chris student.  CHRISMUN and BAYMUN were only the start of a long journey for these Delegates. The rest of the year holds so much for them including the NAIMUN Conference in Washington DC in February.