Feb 202014
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Friendly Swim Meet with our Guests BSB

There was an air of community spirit on the morning of Saturday 8 February at Saar swimming pool. Sparta Learn to Swim sessions were helping the youth of today excel in their swimming confidence and stroke development. Students were facing their fears and diving into the deeper waters or improving their stroke technique.

For the first time we are pleased to open our swimming pool doors to support the 1st and 2nd Bahrain Brownies in completing their swimming and advanced swimming badges. Nearly 20 students entered the water in the empty lanes available to complete various skills such as treading water, surface dives, 25m swims etc… Well done to all involved, congratulations on achieving your swim badges.

 A special mention goes to Shane McCarthy who organised and ran a bake sale to raise money for the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. There was a cake stall with teas and coffees available to all those who took part in the friendly swim meet with our guests BSB. Shane raised over 100BD for this excellent cause, well done for your initiative and time.Friendly Swim Meet_8Feb2014

Also Dylan Morgan made a presentation to Mrs Lodwig, presenting her with the 600 Qatari Riyals he won at the H2O swim meet in Doha in November. Instead of keeping his prize money for himself, he wants it to go towards swim equipment, maybe a timing system or touchpads!

It was great to see 70 squad members take part in a friendly swimming competition, some of whom are new members to the squad and this was the first ever swim meet that they had competed in. In total there were 115 personal best times and these students will be receiving red rainbow ribbons. Congratulations to all those who took part. Thank you to all those who gave up their time to come to support this event.

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