Feb 202014
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The Walk for a Cause 2 – Philippines Typhoon

Year 12 student, Anton Charles, reports that on 8 November 2013, a tragic natural calamity took place in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan, was known to be the most deadly typhoon ever to strike the Philippines, killing at least 6000 people in that country alone. Typhoon Haiyan was also unofficially, the strongest typhoon ever recorded in terms of wind speed. Having heard about this heart-breaking event, the Philippine School, Bahrain, hosted a Philippines Walk-a-thon entitled “A Walk for a Cause 2” to raise funds to support the victims struck by the typhoon. Nearly all the schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain agreed to take part in this prestigious event. A T-shirt was distributed to all the participants with a minimum charge of BD2.5. All donations were handed over to the consulate of the Philippines Embassy. This unified gesture of coming together for a noble cause, was held on Friday 7 February 2014. The procession, which included about 25 St Christopher’s students and parents commenced at 8.00am with a Zumba warm-up drill for all the participants. The entire 5.4 kilometres of the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) Formula 1 track was opened up to the crowd. The Philippino Community, as major participants, truly exhibited their solidarity towards their fellow countrymen. The event was covered by various media and was published the next day in the media. The event ended with a keynote message from the organizing committee and the participants were dispersed by 10.00 am. Long live initiatives relating to human values.

Walk for Cause II