Feb 202014
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Infant Sports Days

The annual Infant School Sports Days went off with the usual excitement and enthusiasm! Nursery and Reception kicked off the two days of bouncing, throwing, cycling and bowling with gusto and worked their way through the activities. It was great to see so many parents in the same colour as their children. They cheered and danced, adding to the enjoyment! Reception wore their House t-shirts for the first time, which added to the thrilling atmosphere. They completed each of their activities, scoring points at some of the stations. All points were just for fun as everyone in Reception is a winner!

Year 1 and 2 were excited about their Sports Day the following day. All teams showed great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day, scoring lots of points and eagerly awaiting the results!

In Year 1 Kestrel were victorious in the football activity, scoring the most goals, while Merlin scored the most goals in the basketball activity. Falcon showed amazing control and scored the most goals in the hockey game, while Osprey scored the most points at the ball throw.

The final results for the Year 1 Sports Day were:

1st place – Merlin (200 House Points)

2nd place – Falcon (175 House Points)

3rd place – Kestrel (150 House Points)

4th place – Osprey (125 House Points)

The Year 2 Sports Day was equally exhilarating! Merlin displayed great football skills and scored the most goals, while Kestrel demonstrated that they were the basketball shooting experts. Osprey were amazing with the hockey stick and scored the most goals, while Falcon aimed and scored the highest points in the ball throw!

The final results for the Year 2 Sports Day were:

1st place – Falcon (200 House Points)

2nd place – Osprey (175 House Points)

3rd place – Merlin (150 House Points)

4th place – Kestrel (125 House Points)