Feb 202014
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Knights, Princesses, Queens, Kings, Wizards and Dragons

If you were to walk down the Year 1 corridor on  28th January, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were in the court of King Arthur. Our annual Knights and Princesses Day saw nearly one hundred and fifty knights and princesses, queens and kings, wizards and dragons arrive at the school gates – much to the surprise of our guards. Activities during the day included a parade, descriptive writing about the children’s assumed character and a mediaeval banquet. Knights & Princesses Year 1 - Collage 2

Thank you to all those mums who came in to serve our little lords and ladies. Thank you also, to our parents who sent in appropriate medieval feast food. Despite the children not having access to pizzas, crisps and cheese straws, the children all had healthy appetites.

Knights & Princesses Year 1 - Collage 1