Feb 202014
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The Mathemagician’s – A Mystery?

Students teaching, visitors from the Senior School, a mysterious maths trail and a fun assembly….

It can only mean….The Mathemagician was back in town!

It started with an assembly featuring the human calculators, Sai and Sai-Rama, as well as Jack Warner blindfolded and baffled. It starred four brave teachers who, gladiator style, fought for the right to be named ‘House Mathematician of the Year’!

The Arabic staff jumped to the challenge and for the first time provided mathematical problems in Arabic…allegedly even the Mighty Mathemagician was finally stumped…

The highlight of the day involved the students becoming the teachers. Every single Year 6 pupil found themselves teaching across the school from Reception to Year 5. They learnt as much about running a lesson as their charges did about maths! An added bonus was the enthusiastic support from the assistant teachers – all the way from the Senior School came the Year 8 students who worked with Year 2 and Year 3.

Celine, in Year 6, exhausted after the tribulations of a Year 2 class, added, “From now on I am going to be a more focussed and attentive student!” “Wow he’s amazing!” added three Reception lads gazing in awe at a Year 6 boy!

In the Junior School, House Quizzes, maths art and more fun were the emphasis of the day.

The whole school celebrated in true St Chris style with witty questions and problems attached to their mufti outfits about patterns, shapes and numbers. Feasting was obligatory and even that celebrated numeracy in our school. There were sandwiches in shapes, questions about the cube root of 1000 and symmetrical biscuits. Even the carrots were posing a problematical calculation, all thanks to our imaginative parents!

In all, a great day was had by all and of course many thanks to the real stars – the pupils, teachers and parents of St Christopher’s!

The Mathemagician - A Mystery