Feb 202014
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Primary Sports League Netball Tournament


On Monday 10February 2014 St Christopher’s Junior School hosted a friendly netball tournament with the BSB. Six teams battled it out and points were awarded for winning, drawing and losing a game. As the sun was setting the girls entered into the Finals. Here are the final scores:





St Chris 2 V BSB 1



BSB 2 V St Chris 4



St Chris 1 V St Chris 2





During each pool game the umpires chose a ‘player of the match’. Congratulations to the following players who impressed the umpires with their netball skills.

Charlotte Axtell St Chris

Xena Al Ajjawi BSB

Karmena Morjarty St Chris

Nayfah Al Aali St Chris

Aaliya Al Shahry St Chris

Sanya Taher BSB

Fabiola Mattias St Chris

Josie Dodson St Chris

Eve Kenna St Chris

Yasmeen Ahmed BSB

Gracie Nahle St Chris

Jood Al Jusuf BSB

It was great to see so many parents supporting and we plan to host another netball tournament soon as part of the Primary Sports League. Special thanks goes to the umpires who gave up their time to help and support the girls.