Mar 202014
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Muscat International Swimming Championships 2014 SWIM OMAN

On the weekend of 20-22 February 2014, ten St Christopher’s swim squad members travelled to Muscat, Oman to compete in the Muscat International Long Course Swimming Championships.

Other teams brought large squads of swimmers so the level of competition was extremely high. We saw tears as swimmers pushed themselves to the limit. We saw nerves as swimmers faced their fears in the water. Most of all we engaged in a great deal of laughter and support for our fellow team mates. Our swimmers put in a tremendous amount of effort and many personal best times were achieved.

One main observation that came out of the weekend, was the need to educate young competitors on the importance of correct nutrition and rehydration while competing.

A nutritional talk is being planned to help our Swim Squad to make the right food choices, to know what effects the different foods groups hold, and to be able to make their own healthy snacks. Watch this space!