Mar 202014
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Arabian Nights

Sixth Form Arabian Nights

This year Arabic Heritage Week was celebrated thoroughly with Arabic activities throughout the whole school. To end this fantastic week, students from the Student Leadership Team organised a memorable and enjoyable ‘Arabian Nights’ event for the sixth form that was held on February 20th, 2014. The Arabian themed night saw the school hall being transformed into a marquee, which was festooned with Arabic seating and cushions, along with Arabian decorations that helped foster the atmosphere. From abayahs to thobes and jalibiyahs, the atmosphere would not have been the same without everyone who decided to dress up in the spirit of the night. In addition, there were games, henna and musical performances – including some fantastic Tabla beats to finish off the evening. A huge thanks to the SLT and teachers for organizing this event, and to everyone who came along – it was a truly great night!