Mar 202014
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Young Leader’s Conference

Young Leaders

On 21 and 22 February, twenty seven students were deep in debate at the Young Leaders’ Conference, which took place at Al Hekma School.  Seven St Chris students acted as Chairs, twenty participated in the Model United Nations Councils and over 50 % of our delegation received Conference Awards by the end of the weekend.  In line with tradition, we provided a strong and knowledgeable team, able to debate and discuss with wide subject knowledge regarding world events and issues. Congratulations St Christopher’s: we are proud of our Young Leaders! Please find below details of Councils and Participants. Students who received a Conference Award are underlined.


① Germany Mahira Essa 11D

② Estonia Sheran Mendes  11 C


① Libya Tehreem Baig 6 KST

② Ethiopia Tehniyat Baig 6JPE

③ Mexico Milan Malik 6AGO

Commission on the Status of Women

① Belgium Rishi Kumra 11 E

② China Narjes Kazerooni 11 B

③ Finland Zahra Essa 10 D

Human Rights

① Egypt Yasmeen Jassim 11 G

② Indonesia Trisha Kalia  11 A

③ Netherlands Narmada Venkateswaran 11 E

Arab League

① Lebanon Zain Al Sharaf 11 C

② Iraq Naba Chowdhury 11 B

③ Qatar Yomna Zeyada 11 B

World Health Organization

② United Kingdom Nayanika Cherian 11 B

World Trade Organization

① India Fay Kazarooni 6JMY

② Somalia Alisha Dhume 10 A


Isadora Godinho 6 EBAN

Celine Vaandrager 6 GRA

Salman Al Khalifa 6TPO

Fatema Alabsi 6BHO

Nikhil Jerath 6 BHO

Bhanavi Kinger 6 BST

Hemangini Raina 6BST

Clara Moschetta 6 KST