Mar 202014
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Mr Harper reports that twenty-two Year 11, 12 and 13 students flew to Washington DC on the 9 February to take part in the 51st North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference, organised by the prestigious Georgetown University.  The trip was the culmination of six months’ hard work and preparation in which students were trained and taught each other the basics of North American-style MUN.  They were then selected to represent countries such as the Republic of Congo, Jordan and Brazil in a host of nearly twenty different committees and simulations.  The process is both stimulating and challenging, and also takes in evening entertainment which helped our gang of budding politicians network with others from all over the world.  An added bonus is the way in which we were able to incorporate sightseeing and a number of excursions, including a guided tour of the city, visiting the Smithsonian museums, ice skating, shopping in ‘boutiquey’ Georgetown and a memorable trip to Arlington Cemetery in the snow…  Ah the snow!  The trip was certainly made more memorable by significant snowfall on the East Coast of the US and for a number of our students would have been the first time they had witnessed such a large amount of the white stuff! In all, the students were a real credit to us and, on behalf of Nicola and I, would like to congratulate them again.

The participating students were:  Kareem Abukhadra, Salman Al Khalifa, Omar Al Kooheji, Fatema Al Setri, Fatema Alabsi,  Rayan Bannai, Abdulla Bazian, Manon Cote, Areeba Fawad, Reece Guyon, Najid Hajee, Adam Hajszan, Eamonn Jasem, Nikhil Jerath, Shirin Kaul, Rishita Mehra, Munther Naseef, Mikhail Panjvani, Pavithra Pradip, Hemangini Raina, Sanjana Sarkar, Fatima Waheed