Mar 202014
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Boys Basketball – Juniors

Captain, Omar Khattab, reports that, following intensive trials, the first game started off the season well with a 57-0 victory against Al-Raja School. The next game was against IKNS.  Both teams played well with  high pressured defense resulting in a lower scoring game, but St Christopher’s still securing victory. The season continued on and we kept winning our matches most with ease some with a bit of a struggle but there was one last school we had not played against who were also undefeated, MKS. This was the last game of the season and it was also the deciding game on who would win the League overall. MKS played really well which we were not prepared for. We lost our heads with a struggle for points and in the end we lost the game and the League to MKS. The Tournament was held at IKNS. The six teams were divided into two pools with three teams in each. Overall we came second in both the League and Tournament, though I think we played well with great plays and players. I thought we were actually a better team than MKS but they beat us twice. This season also ended with five of our players being scouted for the National Team. I think we would all like to thank our coach, Mr Subbiani, for this opportunity to represent St Christopher’s school and I think it was a great experience for all.IMG_9090

Squad of Players

Adam Shamma
Adibeb Misra
Bader Jalal
Basil Manna
Bradley Altman
Ethan Murray
George Axtell
Jordan Baker
Mounir Hinedi
Omar Khattab – Captain
Rex Tinsley
Sami Al Rafi
Tarek Khattab
Tom Fellows
Usman Zafar
Zayd Naseem