Apr 302015
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Smashing Tennis

Junior, Intermediate and Senior Boys and Girls competed in two Round Robin Singles and Doubles Tournaments at Riffa Views School against Riffa Views, IKNS and Bahrain School.


All students played extremely well over a period of 3 hours with St Chris prominent in all age groups:

Winner Junior Girls Singles: Manni Zhang

Winner Junior Boys Singles: Aman Lalwani

Winner Intermediate Girls Singles: Raiya Thomure

Winner Intermediate Boys Singles: Yousef Dhaif

Winner Junior Girls Doubles: Manni Zhang & Liya Savasman

Runner Up Junior Boys Doubles: Luanga Ksanga

Winner Intermediate Boys Doubles: Yousef Dhaif & Rohan Sharma

Runner Up Intermediate Boys Doubles: Mohamed AlShaikh & Aamir Anwar

Runner Up Senior Boys Doubles: Arjan Rangarajan & Shawn Amirthan

Our thanks to Riffa Views for providing the venue. This is the only annual interschool Tennis Tournament on the island for which we normally field both boys and girls teams. All regular players are welcome to apply for next year’s event.