Apr 302015
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St Chris and DHL, Together Helping those in Need

In March 2015, we had an urgent request from DHL Bahrain… could St Chris students help to stock a newly opened school in a Refugee Camp in Iraq? Instantly, the students collected, bought and recycled: pencils, pens, paper and pencil cases for the children of Iraq.

delivery in iraq photos.docx

Sarah Smith in Administration, and Kim Pearce, Librarian, spring-cleaned out their cupboards too to identify goods to be donated. The Head Teacher in Iraq, Mrs Ann Hassan, from Queen Ann School in Erbil gratefully received boxes of stationery and equipment from the Senior School, as well as 109 boxes of recycled clothes from our Junior School! Thanks to Helen Edwards at DHL, Ms Alyaa Bataineh and the parents in the Junior School who helped to collect, count, sort, pack and send the consignment. More DHL projects to come in September 2015! …Watch this space!