Apr 302015
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Pumped up for Exercise and Fun

After a very long and intense term the House assembly was just what we all needed to relax and get into the mood for a holiday! We kicked off with some great gymnastics and dancing from the House Captains to Uptown Funk, which had everyone’s shoulders going and arms pumping. The Infant Sports Days were celebrated, as was the Inter-House maths, spelling and sports that have taken place this term. Videos were shown to great applause and cheering as the results were displayed at the end of each event.

Interhouse Assembly

It wouldn’t be a House Assembly without getting the staff to pit their wits against each other, and this term it linked into the upcoming F1. The wii was set up on the big screen with all 4 houses racing in an all-time favourite – Mario Cart! Mr Tonks took the challenge for Falcon; Mr Watts stepped up for Kestrel; Mr Churchill aka The Stig, donned his own F1 outfit for Merlin, while Mrs Price took hold of the steering wheel for Osprey! It was very exciting and tense as the Mario carts whizzed around Toad’s Factory Circuit. After 3 laps it was Mr Churchill who was victorious! Mr Tonks crossed the finish line 2nd while Mr Watts and Mrs Price span through in joint 3rd!

HseAss 2

Well done everyone for a fantastic start to the holidays!