Apr 302015
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Heads Together and Away We Go

After three months of thrilling competition, Team Lesharinace (Shariwa Sharada, Grace Teague, Lewis Caine and Georgine Botha) were crowned victors of the third annual Brains of Bahrain General Knowledge Quiz Contest. In a tightly contested Final, they beat RTQ (featuring last year’s winners Marc Kalis and Bassam Al Alawi, alongside newcomers Anivrut Parmaj and Zade Al Borshaid). This year, the competition began in December with a qualifying round featuring a record 73 teams – approximately 290 students.


Answering questions on a diverse range of fields, from Sport and Music to Mathematics and Current Affairs, the students’ collective knowledge was put to the toughest of tests. In the end, only 56 teams qualified for the knockout stages, but this meant quizzes every lunchtime for a period of two months. Rounds included a picture quiz, a Family Fortunes/Feud-style survey of pupils’ answers to tricky questions and the famous quick-fire round. Congratulations must also go to the winning teacher team – A Beautiful Mind – featuring Ms Miller, Mr Mole, Mr Tayler and Mr Witton.