Dec 132016
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Fabulous Footie


Well done to all the girls who participated in the friendly football match against BSB on 7 December. It was fantastic to see the teamwork and sportsmanship on display. Two matches were played and St Chris was victorious in both with a 3-0 and a 3-1 win. Our goal scorers were Liana, Hala, Sophia and Yasmin. Well done to both teams!

The players were:

Lottie Gosling Florence Wilkins
Charlotte Brereton-Stuart Yara Elkhatib
Abla Mounir Hala AlAlawi
Kiley Hatcher Yasmin Khalaifat
Selin Ekici Liana AlKhateeb
Amnah Al Bustani Zasha Naseem
Sophia Mousa Sidra Sarmad
Zara Siddique