Dec 142016
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Fans and Swimmers get Ready

On Friday 25 November, the second charity Sport 4 Nepal Swimming Gala for was held. The St Chris pool was fully sold out with 150 swimmers and a few hundred fans. Swimmers could choose to compete in 8 different strokes/ distances. The Gala was a big hit with many highlights… Students and adults across a range of ages had the opportunity to race against one another and many managed to break their PBs. There were even two swimmers competing who have qualified for national championships in their own country.


The biggest surprise was a delegation of six Nepalese gentlemen, who had read about the event in the Gulf Weekly and came down to show their respect to the organisers. Roma Vrijhof, main organiser commented: “It was so inspiring to meet these guys; they were so thankful for what we did to help their great country”.


The Nepalese delegation was also introduced to Kristina Bourner, Head of the Charity programme at St Chris Senior School. She commented “I am so proud of my students and how they work hard to help others by organising and preparing events such as this incredible Swimming Gala”. The event has raised an astonishing BD1,500 which will go towards the United World Schools campaign at St Christopher’s School. The organisers stressed they were delighted by the support of their sponsors and volunteers. ~ Roma Vrijhof, 10A