Dec 142016
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Well done to all the girls who participated in the Primary Sports League Football Tournament! There were some close matches with some amazing goals scored! All players showed great sportsmanship, congratulating other teams as well as each other and it was great to see everyone staying to the end to support St Chris United in the final against BSB. The final score 1-0 to St Chris United!

Our goal scorers throughout the tournament were:

Haya, Isabel, Imogen, Talia, Katelin, Lucy, Noha, Nour, Mia, Sarah, Charlotte, Jude, Phoebe.

Well done! We’re very proud of all of you!

The teams that entered were:

St Chris United St Chris Rovers St Chris Wanderers
Rosie Lewis Lilly Bull Yasmeen Al Arrayed
Maryam Berri Charlotte Watts Carly Penhale
Alice Brandreth Grace Dawson Wilma Tautenhahn
Imogen Rushton Isabel Pieterson Fern Plunkett
Talia Al Hamar Ella Taylor Layla Redha
Lucy Vaughan Phoebe Beckett-McInroy Mia Sum
Haya Al Nusuf Kelsey Harris Hannah Rana
Katelin Reed Jude Eissa Nour Taboub
Isabel Looby Sarah Stewart Zaina Fayyaz
Noha Barbir

The Primary Sports League opened its season with the Boys Football Tournament hosted by St Christopher’s on Wednesday 23 November. St Chris entered three teams, United and Wanderers from Wednesday’s Football Squad and for the first time, Rovers from Sunday’s Football Development.


Wanderers looked the more composed team in the opening games, passing the ball with simplicity and confidence that enabled Cormac Mulleague, Zouheir Hamdan, Salman Abuzahra and Faisal Kanoo to score. United grew into the tournament and built on their defensive solidity to put their own passing moves together for Jacob Phillpots, Harry Doran, Faisal Fakhro and Isa Al Khalifa to net some goals. Rovers matched both teams for determination and kept pressing in their matches for Abdullah Al Ali and Euan Boyle to get their names on the scoresheet.

Unfortunately for Rovers and Wanderers, United were the only St. Chris representatives in the semi-finals, Wanderers particularly unlucky in tying with two other teams on 14 points but missing out on goal difference.

BSB took United to extra-time and penalties in their semi-final with goalkeeper Ahmed Al A’ali the sudden death hero to put his team in the final where they faced IKNS. The whole team maintained their performances to secure a 1-0 victory courtesy of a sublime volley from Salman Al Khalifa.


Each player thoroughly deserves their part in the successful performances of each of their teams. Most pleasing was the desire and focus of every footballer to battle and support their teammates for the good of the whole squad. Well done, everyone.

St Chris United St Chris Wanderers St Chris Rovers
Ahmed Al A’ali Sasha DeSouza Aidan Nangle
Jacob Sum Omer Rauf Conor Macnamara
Cesar Vrijhof Theo Bicknell Cillian Finlay
Sameer Dawani Abboud Abi Ramia Euan Boyle
Harry Doran Cormac Mulleague Rakan Jallad
Jacob Phillpots Christy Maye Essa Jalal
Ridha Alnooh Salman Abuzahra Faris Alami
Faisal Fakhro Christy Maye Ali Al Shehab
Salman Al Khalifa Jack Yates Aiden Kadissi
Isa Al Khalifa Faisal Kanoo Abdullah Al Ali