Dec 142016
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Loving Collecting Data


As part of our fieldwork for Year 10, we went to the Manama Souq to carry out a mini geographical survey involving the land use in the Souq area. We were given a booklet containing the instructions we needed to follow; blank copies of various surveys (like land use maps and EQSs) were also included. We had created one or two hypotheses beforehand in class to be tested through the surveys during the trip. We took a bus to the Bab-Al-Bahrain (the main entrance to the Souq) and were given around two hours to collect all the information needed before meeting back in front of the entrance.


As per tradition, we also took photos in front of the ‘I Love Bahrain’ sign before dispersing to collect our information. My partner and I spent the next couple of hours taking photographs of the shops lining the narrow roads, carrying out an Environmental Quality Survey (by assessing the environmental conditions of different locations) and filling out the Land Use Map (by recording the types of shops present on either side of a main road/lane.) We also made quick field sketches and then made our way back to the main gate. We then made our way back to school just in the time for the last bell. ~ Aditi Shyam Sunder 10A