Dec 142016
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Katie Morag and the Tale of Tiresome Ted – A triumph!


Imagine the setting: bruised clouds gather over a small Hebridean Island battered by the salty sea. In a fit of pique, Katie Morag throws her beloved, but perhaps unappreciated teddy, into the frigid waves. Racked with guilt, she soon regrets her behaviour and finds it hard to sleep without her companion. Unbeknown to her, her old friend is battling through the North Atlantic swell in a bid to get back to her. The stormy clouds finally part and the sun bathes the Isle of Struay. There, exhausted on sandy shoreline is Katie Morag’s beloved Ted. Reunited at last! Never again will Katie Morag throw her old teddy into the sea, shouting “Tiresome Ted!”


Only Year 2 children could do justice to such an epic tale of love, loss and reconciliation. The narrators and Katie Morags delivered their lines with confidence and clarity. The singing rang out crystal clear. The waves rushed and dived as the tide ebbed and flowed. Percussionists rustled as gently as a zephyr and crashed like a thunderous wave. Tiresome Ted swam so far and for such a long time that he must be the fittest child in the year group by now.


A parent put it best when she exclaimed, “A triumph!”