Dec 142016
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Bahrain in a Day

Year 6 pupils recently enjoyed a whole day trip around the various archaeological sites of Bahrain. As an extra treat we had also laid on a short rain shower to make the day even more fun!

We visited the National Museum to see how pottery and Dilmun seals were used in ancient Bahrain times. We were excited to find the St Christopher’s School seal there.


We also went to the digs that are taking place at the Bahrain Fort. Some of the classes were lucky enough to witness a flypast by the Red Arrows whilst they were sketching the excavation site.

Finally, they went to the Saar digs where they enjoyed exploring the old Dilmun village. It was fantastic as the children could see the old houses, temples and path layout. As Charlotte said. “It was a fun day but tiring at times! My favourite part was walking through the Saar Digs.”

Mr Sissons added that he felt that the day had really helped the children put their learning into a real context but he did say that he was disappointed that we didn’t have the time to visit Starbucks.