Jun 202017
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Merlin and Falcon share the Honours

Falcon and Merlin House were joint House Sports week winners at the end of a busy week of activities. A fantastic array of sports was arranged for the whole week, including Basketball, Water Polo, Badminton, Street Netball and Volleyball. The interest was so great that it was extended for two Sundays to accommodate the Intermediate (Year 9 and Year 10) Boys Basketball. Year 7 and 8s competed together as did Years 9 and 10. Over fifty students were involved each day with increasing numbers of spectators coming to watch each lunchtime. The overall House winner positions changed each day as the different sports took place and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the winners of the events. The PE Staff and Heads of House would like to congratulate all participants for a tremendous week of sport. The results of the overall House competition, which combines all the activities are-

House Total Place
Falcon 37 1st =
Merlin 37 1st =
Kestrel 33 3rd
Osprey 24 4th