Jun 202017
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Bridging the Gap 

As we approach the end of the school year, a particular group of students are fast approaching the end of an era. Year 6 students are completing their final few days at the Junior School before the move to Year 7 and a new chapter of their education starts at the Senior School. In one of the several events to help smooth the transition, a group of thirty-nine students from 7E, 7F, 7G & 7H travelled to Saar to assist students in 6D, 6E & 6F with some Mathematics tasks. The geometry activities included work on angles, triangles, circles and using geometry equipment effectively. The event gave students from Year 7 the opportunity to share their enthusiasm and experience of Senior School Mathematics with the Year 6 students, as they well remember being in the same position twelve months ago. It was also a great opportunity for the Year 6 students to ask some questions and gain an insight into what to expect in September. Both sets of students expressed how much they enjoyed the activity and the teachers were pleased to see the level of cooperation between the Year groups and the leadership shown by the older students.

7 F Abbady Fatima
7 F Abbas Ali
7 F Ahmed Aleeza
7 E Ferreira Elisa
7 G Macnamara Sean
7 H O’Donnell Ryan
7 F Pearey Noah
7 H Pilgrim James
7 F Saeed Adam
7 G Sharma Shefali
7 H AlRasheed Sara
7 F Madrid Camacho Paula Alejandra
7 E Del Rio Alejandra
7 G Ghaith Mohammed
7 H Khan Asma
7 G Alyaqoob Tariq
7 E Arab Aaliyah
7 F Ashar Urvi
7 H Azam Isha
7 E Girones Fraile Jesus
7 E Glassberg Sutamanee (Sarah)
7 E Jahangir Rabeea
7 H Le Falher Asma
7 E Mazhar Samar
7 E Mohammed Haleema
7 H Munhuwei Matifadza
7 E Rodgers Jamie
7 H Yacoub Luna
7 H Zrour Thomas
7 H AlKhalo Maya
7 H Bazian Sarah
7 H Durrani Minna
7 G Khan Ayzah
7 E Luckhurst Clementine
7 F Marshall Abbie
7 G Tahboub Owen
7 H Williamson Liliana
7 F AlDoseri Yasmine Ahmed
7 G Al-Mahoozi Yousif