Jun 202017
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A Day in the Life of a Roman

As the finale of their studies into life in ancient Rome, the Year 3 children enjoyed a wonderfully vibrant array of activities on the 23 May.

Resplendent in their fantastic Roman costumes, the day got off to a thrilling start, with the children using their beautiful Roman shields. Replicating the ‘wedge’ and the ‘testeudo’ on the battlefield, the excitement was simply too much to bear, with the blood curdling cries of the children being heard all the way to the Nursery play area.

After the excitement of the battlefield the children then showed their more artistic side producing Roman mosaics with Bahraini coins they had brought from home. This not only produced some outstanding art work but also raised the fantastic amount of 440 BD for our United World School Charity.

A delicious feast was energetically consumed along the length of the activity street and a series of topic related activities were performed in each classroom. These included making a Roman soldier collage and some beautiful Roman pendants out of clay.

A rewarding, exciting and enjoyable time was experienced by all the children.