Jun 202017
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Farewell Junior School…Senior School, Here We Come!

On Tuesday 23 June, Year 6 celebrated the end of the academic year and their time in Key Stage 2 by attending the now-traditional Dinner and Disco at the Dilmun Club.

As always, everyone was stunned by the methods of arrival –, limo, horseback, sports cars, monster truck….However, these were trumped by the fabulous outfits and hairstyles sported by our glamorous and elegant Year 6 students. As one teacher remarked, “It was like being at the Oscars ceremony…I never knew they even owned a bar of soap before.”

The evening began with a delicious buffet followed by some enthusiastic dancing to the tunes played by DJ Ollie.

It was a fantastic evening and a lovely way to celebrate the children’s time at Saar. By the end of the evening, all the exhausted children agreed that it had been a superb event and the teachers agreed that could no longer hear anything due to the ringing in their ears.

“Exhilarating”, “loud”, “fantastic” and “never-to-be-forgotten” are just some of the words used by the children to describe the evening.