Feb 122013
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A Smile Says It All

Twenty two pupils from The Children’s Academy, most with moderate to severe learning difficulties, visited the Senior School on Wednesday 6 February. A team of thirty Year 10 students organised and led a range of activities aimed at developing their social interaction and creativity.

The students helped the children with T-shirt painting, decorating cupcakes and playing musical instruments. They also played musical chairs and other challenging games. The  event was a tremendous success and our students enjoyed every minute spent with the children. Seeing the lovely smiles on the children’s faces, gave the Year 10 students a great feeling of satisfaction.

Hisham Husain 10G said  “I’m completely honest when I say that the Children’s Academy visit to St Chris completely changed my views and attitude around children. To most of us, all the kids seemed to be having fun and enjoying themselves, and there honestly is no better feeling than when you make a child smile. The children surprised a lot of us with their genuine intelligence, musicality and kindness. It was some of the best fun I’ve ever had.”