Feb 122013
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Students Show How it’s Done

We had a big  turn-out for our first Maths and ICT curriculum workshops! A new model was tried this year, where the children lead all the ICT workshops.

Kerrie  Mulleague’s graphic designers lead workshops on Inkscape  and Windows Movie Maker.  Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor and was used to create some wonderful transformations. They also showed how Windows Movie Maker could be used to showcase their recent trip to the Bahrain Museum.

Jon  McNaught’s architects demonstrated Google Sketchup’s 3D design capabilities and presented the art galleries they had made, complete with works of art hanging from the walls. Mr Watts’ code gurus presented the inner workings of the programming language, Scratch and dazzled everyone with their intricate games. John Roycroft and Jenny Calder gave parents an insightful presentation on how ICT is used to supports maths in the classroom.

Students involved:

Year 4Fabiola Mattias
Leyan Ghaith
Maram Zainal
Kiera Tanner
Year 5Sunita Dulabh
Maya Shankari Gunarajah
Digby Rushton
Jack Daly
Year 6Koya Chen
Yusuf Al Qaisi
Ben Brandreth
Sarah Roos
Lewis  Duncan
Hamazah Malik

All the programs used can be downloaded from: here