Feb 122013
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A Storm’s  A Comin’ – The Bard is Back!

Key Stage 2 were treated to a wonderful performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest at the Cultural Hall in Manama recently when Shakespeare  for  Kidz  (S4K) returned with one of the Bard’s most famous comedies. The  children of St Chris were whisked back onto a 16th Century mediterranean island where they were educated by the banished Duke of Milan, Prospero, on why ‘forgiveness is more virtuous than vengeance.’

Through humour, fun and song, the story of how Prospero forgave his wicked brother Antonio and the greedy King of Naples, was played out to much excitement and laughter from the audience. Noel Andrew Harron played the Gollum-esque’ Caliban in his third play at the cultural hall but by far, the star of the show for the children was Gary Roe’s performance as the clown-like Trincolo;  a real comedy joy to watch.

Mukualita Chakravarty, 5F thought the play was “full of life” and that the humorous approach to Shakespeare made the tale much easier to understand. Zayd Naseem, 6C loved the Jester Trincolo and particularly his ‘Michael Jackson moves’.

I wonder what next year’s storm will bring to the Cultural Hall. One thing’s for sure: St Christopher’s’ will be there enjoying another spectacular performance by the S4K  ensemble.