Feb 122013
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One, two, SEIGE!

In the first week of February, in the year 2013, the knights and princesses of Year 1 set forth on a quest, on a journey hard and true, to locate the lost treasures of a well known landmark in the far off land of….. SEEF!

Accompanied by their squires and ladies-in-waiting (mums, dads and teachers) they set off on a voyage of discovery in great steel stagecoaches that could hold 29 people at one time!

Their faces were agog and aghast!

‘pon arriving at the Fort, the groups took sustenance before embarking on the steep and treacherous incline towards their final goal….CAMELOT! BAHRAIN FORT, which lay gleaming and golden on the horizon.

Many trials faced them as they entered the hallowed gates…The rickety bridge of doom! The endless steep steps to darkened catacombs! The hunt for the many items on the dreaded treasure trails! They were exhausted.

All too soon their quest was complete and they returned triumphant to their mighty stagecoaches before dismissing their squires and ladies in waiting, to return to the year 2013 and the less perilous and pitfall-filled life back in the classroom.