Feb 122013
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How does your Garden Grow?

A couple of weeks ago the Infant and Junior School councillors were lucky enough to meet a local agriculturist, Ms Zeeba Al Ameer.  She was here to teach the councillors the art of growing fruit and vegetables. Ms Al Ameer demonstrated how to plant seeds and donated garden kits to the school.The timing was fortuitous as it was just when both school councils decided, with help from Friends of St Chris (FOSC), to create a school kitchen garden! The garden will be positioned in an area of the school accessible to all and will provide educational experiences during and after school.

The school councillors will be spear-heading the project and will be able to teach the skills they have gained to other classes! The garden will be launched in September and we will be calling on anyone green-fingered to help. Ms Zeeba Al Ameer will be participating in the Bahrain International Garden Show at the Exhibition Centre on the 28 February – 3 March.