Feb 122013
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Masterful Maths from the Mathemagician

The school was recently graced by the presence of one of the great enigmas of the 21st century: The Mathemagician, with his magic tricks that delighted (and scared) the children. Nursery teachers were fiercely defended from the mysteries of maths by their Nursery children….and later two brave Year 12 students were sent into battle.

Year 1 Student Taqi admitted loving the maths feast, “with lots of yummy food!” He also enjoyed playing on the computers with the visiting Year 7 students. Year 4 enjoyed, “the feast, the activities and looking after the Reception children!”

The stalls were a firm favourite, with the children loving the opportunity to work with others of different ages and Mrs Bataineh was seen running, matching probabilities and doing star jumps!

Everywhere you looked, there were students dressed in mufti maths, armed with numerical questions about their outfits and eating food that came with a calculation!

Everything was maths, even the Islamic art in Year 6 and the investigations in Year 2. Groups of children from all ages toured the maths trail solving problems, measuring and guessing.

It was a very busy fun-filled day. Oh, one last question – Who was the Mathemagician this year…?