Feb 122013
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“Hear ye, hear ye!”

On Thursday, the seventeenth day of January, in the year Two Thousand and Thirteen, it came to pass that the children of Year 1, along with their teachers and even one or two parents, were magically transformed into gallant Knights and beautiful Princesses for the day.

The parade set the scene where the children waved in a very regal style and the whole year group performed a song about  great Knightly deeds and the manner in which royal princesses ought to behave.

Later on, there were creative activities based around Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Princess and The Wizard’,  including; designing and making castles; a knight’s quest to find treasure stolen by a wicked wizard and designing and making crowns, as well as lots of story telling linked to the Knights and Princesses theme.

The highlight of the day was the Royal Medieval Banquet, where children enjoyed foods that were typically eaten in medieval times – meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, root vegetable and pies.  When the servants (Mums and Dads) weren’t quick enough to bring the royal children their food, there was much barracking, heckling and banging of fists on the tables (just for the day – we hope this type of behaviour didn’t follow the children home)!

The children (and adults) loved dressing up. ‘Twas a day long to be remembered…