Jun 262013
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Dish Up!

Sophie Holland, 7A, reports “On Friday 21 June, Kyle, Catherine, Kiara, Reem, Fatema and I, accompanied by Miss Chadwick and Ms McKay, travelled to Muharraq to help serve the migrant workers a well deserved meal. Money raised from the Year 7 Bake Off was donated towards buying a huge lunch for the residents of the camp. We served them a delicious meal of chapati, a choice of three curries, papadoms, rice, salad and for dessert, gulab jamun. For most of these men it will be the only day of the year that they will eat like this and perhaps the one of the few times they have meat to eat. The workers’ accommodation is very small; six people sleep in a small room, each of which has only four beds. This means that two people must sleep on the floor. It made us think about how lucky we are just to have a bed, and (in most cases) a room to ourselves. After the meal, we gave the workers donation of money  that they could use  for calling cards or anything else they wished. I am very glad I had the opportunity to go on this trip and visit these people as it has been an eye-opening experience to learn what conditions these men must live under”.