Jun 262013
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Water Winners

On Friday 7 June, St Christopher’s School hosted an Open Swimming Championship. The event was open to any swimmer in Bahrain who could competently swim more than 50m. Special invitations were sent to our Saudi neighbours and altogether 220 swimmers took part. Swimmers competed from the following schools/teams:

St Christopher’s School
Dhahran British Grammar School
BISAK Falcons
British School Bahrain
Bahrain Swimming Association
Bahrain School
Bahrain Elementary School


Swimmers competed in all four strokes over distances of 50m, 100m and 200m and in 100m and 200m Individual Medley events. Medals of gold, silver and bronze were awarded to the top three swimmers in each event. Participants as young as 6 years old battled it out in the 8 and under age category, while the oldest swimmer was 18 years old. Swimmers were allowed to enter a maximum of 6 events and points were awarded to see who would swim away with a trophy.

Trophy winners were

8 and under girl – Farah Van der Kooi representing St Christopher’s School

8 and under boy – Liam Marshall representing British School Bahrain

9-10 years old girl – Rebecca Carpenter representing Bahrain Swimming Association

9-10 years old boy – Abdulla Essa representing Bahrain Swimming Association

11-12 years old girl – Louise Leijonberg representing St Christopher’s School

11-12 years old boy – Yaseen Le Falher representing St Christopher’s School

13-14 years old girl – Cheyma Le Falher representing St Christopher’s School

13-14 years old boy – Dylan Morgan representing St Christopher’s School

15-18 years old girl – Maya Zaatari representing Dhahran British Grammar School

15-18 years old boy – Khalid Baba representing Bahrain Swimming Association

A big thank you goes to all those who gave up their Friday to come and help, these events could not take part without the support of the swim coaches, teachers and parents. A special thanks goes to Manos who provided refreshments and Leader Sports Trading for supplying the trophies and medals.