Jun 262013
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Creating Impact

The Challenge, which Year 8 chose to accept, was to produce an eye catching snack food, create appropriate packaging materials and put together an advertisement, all themed on a randomly selected country, by the end of the day. The result, a few hours later, was a School Hall market place that was awash with colour, noise and the aroma of exotic snack foods from around the world. This was the inaugural Year 8 Challenge Day and the students proved themselves to be entrepreneurial businesspeople of great promise. “It was great to see how all the different subjects come in useful when working on a business project” said Finn Coleman,8B. Peru was the overall winner of the event and their colourful and imaginative stall impressed the judging panel of Mr Goodwin, Mr Wilson and Parent Governor, David Axtell. The students will also spend some time reflecting back on their performance during the day to see how their resourcefulness, resilience and ability to form effective working relationships contribute to the development of an effective learner. “The hope is that students will now have a greater awareness of how to deploy the type of learning behaviours that will enable them to overcome challenge during Year 9 and beyond” explained Mr O’Dowd, Head of Year 8.