Jun 262013
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Pump Up the Power

Riva Kapoor, 8F, reports “On 23 June, eleven Year 8 scientists, accompanied by Mr Lee, visited the Hidd Power Plant. It was an interesting trip, and we learnt many new things about local and regional energy resources and the way the Power Plant works. The Hidd Power Company provides 30% of power for Bahrain, and 61% of water. Energy at the station is produced by burning natural gas, and water is produced when seawater is desalinated and distilled. We were shown a presentation, from which we learnt that it is only 40 years before the oil of the world runs out. We then took a tour of the Plant; we saw the seawater coming in, and some of the huge machines, that were very hot and loud. Overall, it was a unique experience, from which we learnt a lot.”