Mar 252015
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Beautifying Bahrain


From the end of January up until the beginning of March 2015, St Chris students have been volunteering their time to become young mosaic designers, creating beautiful designs for the Art Reach initiative. Art Reach volunteers began a joint initiative with the Northern Municipality to beautify public gardens in Bahrain, creating community initiatives, while remaining sensitive to the culture and traditions of Bahrain. Art Reach’s philosophy is motivated by the belief that ‘public art humanises the built environment and energises public space.

They aspire to engage social interaction, both during the creation of art, and following its installation with the ultimate aim that this process will create a sense of joint ownership and collective affiliation within the larger community’.


The recently finished mosaic is now Art Reach’s first public display on the side of a bus stop on Budaiya Avenue. Our students have now started work on the next installation: a unique sculptural design to beautify Shakhura Park.