Mar 252015
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Bahrain School Track and Field Athletics Results

Over 30 students represented St Christopher’s School in the Track and Field Athletics at the Bahrain School on Saturday 7 March. Congratulations to all those who took part. We had many outstanding performances and as you can see from the results below, a lot of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were won. My thanks go to Sean Ross, for his leadership and motivational qualities with the team on the day.


100m  800m  
Jnr Girls Jnr Girls
1st Erica Moolman (ST) 13.35 1st Kizzy Price (ST) 2.39
Inter Boys 2nd Rennie (ST) 2.53
1st Mounir Hinendi (ST) 11.21 Jnr Boys
2nd Mateas (ST) 12.22 1st Sava Jankovic (ST) 2.38.09
Inter Girls Inter Boys
1st Hanahoe (ST) 13.93 1st Charlie Sissens (ST) 2.24.25
2nd Holland (ST) 14.98  2nd Ali Mattar (ST) 2.30.32
Senior Boys
1st Sean Ross (ST) 11.90 1500m  
1st Charlie Sissens (ST) 4.44.52
Jnr Girls Long Jump 
1st Erica Moolman (ST) 32.84 Jnr Boys
Jnr Boys 3rd Luanga Kasanga (ST) 3.48
3rd Sava Jankovic (ST) 30.71 Inter Boys
Inter Girls 1st Ali Mattar (ST) 4.76
3rd Marwa Al Matrook (ST) 32.97 3rd Joe Knapton (ST) 4.24
Inter Boys Inter Girls
2nd Cailium Lawson (ST) 28.89 3rd Shauna Holland (ST) 3.81
Senior Boys Senior Boys
1st Sean Ross (ST) 25.19 1st Sean Ross (ST) 5.31
300m   Triple Jump
Jnr Girls Jnr Boys
1st Erica Moolman (ST) 47.89 2nd Luanga Kasanga (ST) 6.76
Inter Girls Inter Boys
1st Kia Hanahoe (ST) 49.50 1st Faris Malla (ST) 11.49
Senior Girls
400m 1st Alexia Skrypnyk (St) 6.45
Jnr Boys
2nd Kevin Linton (ST) 1.09 Shot Putt 
Jnr Boys
Relay 2nd Keegan Moderie (ST)
Jnr Girls Jnr Girls
1st St Christopher’s 1:00 1st Danielle Wilkinson (ST) 23.00
Jnr Boys Inter Boys
1st St Christopher’s 2nd Omar AlGosaibi (ST) 24.07
Inter Girls Inter Girls
2nd ST 1.03.09 2nd Emma Blackmore (ST) 19.08
Inter Boys
1st St Christopher’s  54.03 Mounir’sTeam
2nd St Christpher’s 54.70 Ali Mattar’s Team