Mar 252015
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A Learning Journey with Dragonfly

ALANInfant, Junior and Senior School teachers enjoyed an afternoon of professional development with senior trainer from UK’s Dragonfly Training, Alan Jervis.

Alan Jervis is one of Dragonfly’s senior trainers having delivered over 1,500 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Alan has worked in seven different schools from the south of Kent to northern Northumberland. He was responsible for the introduction of a number of cutting edge curricular and assessment innovations.

Teacher Training Saar 001

Alan has been a teacher trainer for the last 12 years, delivering over 2000 courses in the United Kingdom. He has recently co-authored the best-selling educational book ‘Improving Classroom Performance: Spoon Feed No More, Practical Applications for Effective Teaching and Learning’.


Alan worked with all teachers to explore further strategies based around John Hattie’s work on evidence-based teaching. All staff engaged in fun activities which we hope will find their way into teaching and learning at St Chris.