Mar 252015
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Exploring the World of Change

 Seen by many as a good omen, rain did not stop play as Year 5 shrugged off the lightest of showers and headed off to explore Manama.

As global citizens, we need to be aware of how our environment is constantly changing. We need to learn about finite resources and how to behave responsibly, leaving a legacy for future generations. As part of our topic of Contrasting Localities, Year 5 have been looking at how land is used in Bahrain and considering what changes we would like to see.

y5 tourism

The children were dropped off at a large, empty space, where they could safely let their imaginations run riot. It is always refreshing to be reminded that adults do not have a monopoly on good ideas; the children, as so often happens, were able to notice and comment on the potential for sensitive development. Not surprisingly, and quite understandably, many children said they would like to see more developments take place with children in mind.

Our second port of call was Prince Khalifa Park. This site was chosen as it provides a safe and panoramic view of part of the waterfront development. Again, our children were able to confidently discuss what they saw and express their own personal opinions. We managed to fit in some sandwiches and sketching before a bolt of lightning and ensuing thunder clap suggested it was time for a tactical withdrawal back to Saar.