Mar 252015
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Assisting in the DHL Inter-Gulf Netball Tournament

On the 6 and 7 March, I volunteered at the Inter-Gulf Netball Tournament 2015, which was staged at the Bahrain Rugby Club. I volunteered with my fellow peers in an effort to contribute more hours of work to my community service, as part of my International Silver Award. From day one, we had to start at 8.15am sharp until 5pm in the evening. Work included collecting in scores, helping out the umpires with water and occasionally helping score some of the matches! Inter-Gulf is a great opportunity to give back to my community; it was a fun and enjoyable experience as we had the chance to watch some great Netball and the effort we put into our service was rewarding. It was fantastic to see so many teams at the Bahrain Rugby Club from all around the Gulf. Volunteering at this event is so important as it can not so smoothly without us! I highly recommend volunteering for the DHL Inter-Gulf Tournament next year. ~ Michael Holland 11A